Activision has confirmed that 2015 will be the year that Tony hawks skateboarding will come to the next generation of consoles. This is a game that could be exclusive to ps4 as no announcement for Xbox one or pc. Tony hawk sold millions of games for this franchise and to come to ps4 is a huge win for gamers. If it does end up being exclusive, more sad news for Microsoft yet again. I feel sorry for them, I truly do because I think the system and it’s president are really good. I would have loved to see them succeed more. Even if this game comes out for the Xbox one it’s sad once again that it’s announcement was based on the ps4 version and not mentioning their version at all. Once again showing favor to ps4 over xbox. This normal equals to either exclusives or better overall looking game for the ps4. Either way Microsoft might want to prepare for a harsh winter year round. Things are not looking very friendly and warm for them for this coming 2015.