Look I’m not going to pretend that everyone should have the same opinion nor hear or see things the same way. But I am saying that for me as a guy that has had Westones and Ultimate Ears earphones, I’m pretty sure I’m not the average person that doesn’t know what he is talking about when it comes to sound. If you listen to a lot of headsets or earphones you know that UE and West have some of the most honored and respected sound reproduction in the industry. So coming from that kind of background you trust me when I tell you that the Studios are among the best I’ve heard, especially for over the ear headsets. The sound stage that this unit gives off is pure sick people. I know I have already given my seal of approval but I’m sorry I had to post another article about these things as I listen to them kill yet another genre of music. The comfort goes a very long way with this headset. Just putting the on feels so good. The soft cushion is among the best out there. I can wear them for hours, with or without glasses. My thing I love doing, and for some reason it takes the sound quality even to another level, but I love wearing them and walking at night. The night sky and stars with the trees just set a stage for the music. It almost feels that the music is in the air around the planet itself and feel absolutely amazing because the headphones don’t feel like they are on your head they are so comfortable. You should try it. Of course be safe where you are walking because it’s not going to be good for you if you can’t hear someone walking up on you. Where I walk it’s really safe and everything is in front of me where anyone or anything could come to me would be in front of me. So I see at all times. Even if you can just lay under the stars in your backyard it would be great. I can’t stress enough the amount of details and sound stage with perfect bass that these headphones produce is heavily. I’m telling you this thing might just turn into the best purchase for me in the last 10 months if this keeps up. And this blue version is definitely my favor color. I thought the black would be it but because the amount of fingerprints it held I was very much looking forward to a different color and blue seemed to be it for me. I’m really glad I got this color. Look, I know I’m late too the party but the latest Solo 2 don’t hold a candle to the 2013 version of the studios in sound quality, feel , or overall function.

Digitalcrack rating : 9 out of 10