It has been said that the highly anticipated game Hellblade exclusive is only timed. But unlike other timed exclusives like Tomb Raider for Xbox one, the game isn’t coming to the other console, but pc. Some have made more of this than it needs to be. Personally most ps4 gamers couldn’t care less about their game being shared by pc. As long as they can say that the Xbox doesn’t have the game then they are fine. I’m fine either way but I understand why some feel that they don’t want to share with the opposite console. Pc isn’t a console so frankly I have no interest in what they get or don’t get. I have no jealous feelings about anything dealing with pc. Mouse and keyboards play time just isn’t for me. I don’t care how many pixels nor what kind of games comes out for it, give my consoles any and every day. So yes, Hellblade on pc is fine with me. I would be fine if it was third party frankly. As long as we get it and it’s good I’m happy.