I hear their name whispered everywhere there are earphone reviews. No matter how great the headphones are request to compare them to the mighty V moda headphones are always song in the background. On the box CNET says they are the best and nobody can beat them. V moda brags about the 50mm drivers and unmatched 3D surround with thumping bass that can’t be found together in any other headset. The price for these headphones are 40 bucks more than I paid for the beats studios 2.0. At first glance and fit. They felt really nice around my head. Very good form fitting and my glasses didn’t even get recognized by me. This was a first. Maybe I needed more time but as I tried them out I didn’t feel that I had glasses on at all. I even reached up to check that I had them on,  thinking I might have just worn my contacts. The next thing I notice as a stronger and louder sound coming from them because I needed to turn them down.  If anything I thought it was too loud but volume control helped this. Now I couldn’t test my music and had to use the default songs in the store but felt it lacked sub-bass levels my beats studios had. Did it still have “regular” bass? Yes, but “sub bass” is far more feeling and emotional than regular bass. Sub bass feels you sound room making it warm not hollow or cold. As far as the 3D sound stage was a little better than the studios in my opinion and that is truly no small feat. So definitely they were true to this claim. I also liked the build quality of smallness of the headset over the studios. But if this is the best on the market I say kudos to them but again kudos to the studios 2.0 because they weren’t beat by this headset in my opinion (now with more time maybe I will feel different). This was a tie for me especially taking in the fact that the sound stage is highly attributed to V moda 50mm drivers vs beats 40mm drivers. While the beats lost the sound stage it beat it in better sound balance thanks to the sub bass and very good highs without being too high vs extreme highs the V moda had I would say they both cancel each other out as great headphones for different people. But I hear audiophiles always scream about balance sound and yet they praise this headset which doesn’t have balance if you’re extreme in one area and missing too much in another. But like I said I’m talking about purely sound here. For 40 bucks more you can get a headset that is customizable and has a smaller over look with 50mm drivers in them. It’s still, I think the better buy but they don’t kill the beats studios like most will try and make you believe. I guess I might return and purchase them to truly test them out for a longer period with my choice of music to truly get a feel. But I’m not sold on that because again if they aren’t truly that much better why bother? I would thought we would have had a difference like we have with the Solo 2’s vs studios 2013 but right now I didn’t get that off the bat. I also hear for others that they will start to hurt after a while unlike my beats studios, although I couldn’t tell this as they didn’t seem to have a possible pain issue for me. But again time only reveals these things.

Food for thought. Through all the online reviews people are complaining about sound leakage. Well, found out why. The dB ratio is only 103dbs compared to the Beats studios 2.0 108db. The higher the dbs the more quality you can hear at lower volumes. Again, yet another thing that really makes me feel the Studios 2 has nothing to fear about the v moda m100 headphones.