So I went back and purchased the v moda m100. Look, I’m not hear to tell you what to hear and how to hear. Everyone has their likes and dislikes. All I can do is give you what I hear and what I like or don’t like….

For me: I listen to edm,trance, rock, rnb, and house. I need a headset that takes advantage of this type of music for me. Getting a flat sounding headset does no justice to music nor does it represent it correctly. If I want classical music headphones flat sounding headsets would be the way to go. This doesn’t make them better or ideal for that type of music. Well the v- moda, thank God, aren’t designed for flat sounding music genres. In fact these two headset are a very good comparison to each other because each is design to bring out the best in the same styles of music genres. With that said I tested music from Paul Oakenfold, Armin Van, soundsharpenerz, Netsky, and Three doors down. While the V moda was a very good sounding headset they failed in every one of my test against the Beats studio’s 2. The DB ratio at 103 vs the Studio’s 108 played a huge part in this I suppose. I mean the power and thump with clarity and volume present on the Beats studio’s clearly beat out the V moda m100 at the same volume level. In order to get close to the same clarity and power the v moda would have to set to levels well higher than the volume levels set on the beats while the beats remain at the normal range. Also the comfort level just isn’t the same. The V moda’s did cut under my ear at my nerve points where your jaw connects behind your ears and they really didn’t feel all that sexy anymore after they sat there for about 45 minutes. Another previous thought was that I believe the sound stage was better on the V moda’s when I heard them for the first time in the store yesterday before getting them today but they weren’t once I played the same songs for both headphones back to back. The studio’s produced the more cleaner, more richer sound, and the sub bass destroyed the v moda’s(and yes, all without one hit to the clarity). I personally think the v moda’s get a lot of credit for other things that have nothing to do with its sound vs the Studio’s 2’s when compared by other reviewers like the customization ability and the way it can stretched out and or the awards it won. But this has nothing to do with the sound quality alone and that’s what I’m talking about here. Yes, the v moda’s have very good sound quality, don’t get that confused about not being better than the beats studio’s. They reproduce very similar in areas, just without the the same level and amount in certain departments of sound areas. There is nothing about them as far as sound that beat the Studio’s 2’s guys. But if you want a great sounding headset with customized options and drop test approved with lifetime warranty options then this is your device still. As a whole, these qualities are very good to have mentioned about a product. It’s just not the point of this review. My objective was to find out about sound vs the Beats Studios 2’s and that I did. Studio’s win, hands down, it really wasn’t even close once I had the same music played at the same level. I will admit I was surprised at how easy it was to tell which sounded better over all the different test after listening to all the people put their claim that the v moda’s where the end all of the Holy grail of headphones. They weren’t. Beats studio’s 2 reign as king for me and I will be returning the v moda’s tomorrow, very quickly. Hate all you’s just what I hear guys for me and my music. Maybe your Playlist will produce better results for you if decide to get them. But don’t let the internet haters confuse you about the sure greatness in the Studio’s 2. I still haven’t found a equal to them.