The words “Biggest Game of the Year” is once again associated with one game console, the ps4!  As I have said I really want competition in American no matter which console I play or own. It’s just best for all of us. But people are dreaming if they believe the Xbox one will catch the ps4 in worldwide sales much less surpass them. It’s a mathematically impossibility for this to happen when xbox one doesn’t sale in all the places ps4 sales in and the ones they do they are being destroy almost 3:1 ratio or worst but one territory, America. America isn’t enough to make up for the difference and once ps4 hit China it’s really going to be all bad for Microsoft. Bottom line with all that Microsoft gave away and all the hits to thier profit margins they took to sell the system for less they still didn’t make up ground. Everything they did only allowed them to not to loose more ground during Christmas. I wish things were different but they aren’t , it’s just the truth. If I had my way I would give all these amazing titles and graphic advantages to Microsoft and put sony in there shoes. I live in America, I would rather Microsoft be the dominant gaming console but they aren’t, so I therefore I have a ps4 and play this only. Microsoft needs to accept they are going to be #2 this generation and learn from this and come back from this next generation. I’m not saying stop trying to be better for America sales. I’m just saying they should shut up bragging like they did during November’s and December’s sales. Be careful on who’s cage you rattle , it might come open.