Look people, get a life. Stop hating on the Patriots. I promise I haven’t seen so many people that want so badly to explain why the Patriots are the most successful team in the last 12 years. Spygate and now air pressure in footballs. Give me break people. The year after so call Spygate the Patriot had the most successful regular  season any football team in history has had. But wait I thought it’s only because they were cheating. And by cheating I mean they used a camera instead of a drawing board or any other type of way or recording formation which every team is allowed to do in the NFL. Why on earth is any team allowed to sit in on someone else’s practice or walk through is beyond me. But to call this fair and recording the same practice is somehow cheating while being there isn’t, is so hypocritical. Now we have football deflation as a excuse. Give me a break people! How on earth would the Patriots be able to control which football is which and control how they feel to the refs that actually pick the ball and handle the ball just as much as the players almost. If the balls aren’t right the refs would know this before putting the ball down. Also don’t you understand how many footballs are on the field? How on earth would they be able to control or stop the Colts from getting one of the so-called better  balls. They would have just as much of a chance of getting a advantage as the Pats would if this was going on. Unless the refs were involved there is no way this could be a set up. The stupidest part of all this is that no matter what the ball air pressure is it won’t make up for almost a 40 point but kicking. Nor does it give you the #1 seed in the AFC. The Colts were outplayed, out hit, out gunned, and out coached. This wouldn’t have a thing to do with air pressure. In fact there wasn’t any fumbles in the game that I can recall. So pressure in the ball doesn’t make you loose by almost 40 point, no way, no how. Just live with it guys, and move on. Patriots will face Seahawks because these are the best two teams in the league, proven not just by one games performance but by an entire season of consistent victories and better preperation, hence the reason they were both #1 seeds.