I really like music people. I have been robbed of music before and once I got it back I appreciated it even more. I lost it as I was diagnosed with a brain disorder. I never used any other headset but inner ear. They sound better and with the amazing top quality makers out there I spent gladly $300-$400 on pairs of Shure, ultimate ears, and Westones I thought I would never buy a pair of over the hear headphones. Once I was diagnosed with the brain disorder I had to give up mixing and listening to music with earphones. I didn’t know if it was both headphones or earphones only and didn’t want to take the chance anymore for years. Well I finally found out headphones could be used and they didn’t make me sick like inner earphones. So I got back into mixing and listen to over the ear headphones. My Beats studio’s (2013) have won my heart for the best overall sound and comfort for the genre of music I listen to the most. It easily beat out the V moda’s 100 headphones and found a way to beat the toughest test and comparison with the ATH-M50X by Audio Technica. One thing remained though, migraines and dizziness. I thought it was just because of low temps as migraine happen more frequently during extreme cold times but my worst dreams came to past as I feel that the white noise noise canceling feature that can’t be turned off my have trigger inner ear issues that are causing more and more migraine. Even when I don’t use them for a couple of days the headaches haven’t stopped completely. I have to let them go. I hate this day. I really like music and listening to it. But my beats are causing me to get motion sick and continue triggering migraines. I wish there was another way. I just can’t continue to use them if I want to stay healthy enough to go to work. But I refuse to loose my music again people. I believe if I stay with a none noise canceling headphone and allow my ears and balance to equal out again I will be fine. It’s a bitter pile to swallow to have to give up my beats studio’s because of my brain disorder but I have no choice. I just pray whatever it has messed up inside my ears and head goes aways and hasn’t grown to headphones period now regardless of the noise canceling or not. I will give myself a complete day or two before I start to listen to music again on any headphone. Hopefully this will allow me to heal up a bit and therefore give me more of a accurate reading for the next pair. But which pair? I will buy another pair tonight, cross my fingers and hope I’m right and will have to let you guys know then. Pray for good result guys. I really don’t want to loose music period again.