I’m sorry I had to post my twit. Espn admits that the air in the balls have nothing to do with the reason why patriots beat the Colts. But yet continue to talk about it like the Colts fumbled 5 times and dropped 10 more leading to their lost. Even the Colts own tight end says that the balls had nothing to do with the way they got their butts kicked. He flat out admits they were out played, out coached by a better team. So if the losing team can admit this why can’t the press and haters. If there is anyone that should feel that they were cheated on it’s the Colts but they don’t. Why? Because they truly understand that air pressure has zero to do with what the patriots did to them and every other team on the way to the #1 seed. Get over it people, move on. The superbowl will be Patriots vs Seahawks and that’s the end of it.