Now before you judge this article hear me out. Remember when Microsoft said that they learned from their mistakes with sending mix messages about the direction of the Xbox one? Pushing this entertainment focus damaged the gaming direction vision for people trying to understand their focus. They promised to be more about gaming, less about entertainment. While I’m glad they attempted to answer Playstation, as well they should have, but the way they did this is again confusing. It might be used, could be used,  most likely used for gaming TOO is taking me back where they just left at the launch of the Xbox one. They push this as Windows hardware item and then turn around and say Windows will be used on the Xbox one. How will it happen, they don’t even know. Bigger questions is why.  Nobody wants Windows 10 on their console! This product has great possibilities but the morpheus is built for GAMING ONLY! Remember that message Microsoft? Its the message that lead your competitors to a whopping 18 million console sale ratio. Microsoft still doesn’t get it and most likely will never get it. They have too many things they are trying to do at the same time that have nothing really to do with the other and yet they are forcing it as though they do. Remember the last product that tried to do this? I do,  it was the kinect. As of today Microsoft’s efforts for the product has been to erase it for the Xbox one and they have all but eliminated it for the console architect. Nobody is making games for it and the hardware is being slowly designed without it thanks to more and more memory for it being eliminated. They want to make this headset another type of xbox one without the focus of games. Sony’s focus is much more direct and gamer focused and they have actual games already in production that is compatible to it. This means again, ps4 will rule. Don’t get me wrong the product could be huge but it won’t help them sale xbox ones and that is where they are making their mistake. All you are doing is creating competition within your own doors because based on this info this is a stand alone product that can used without the Xbox one so again what sense does this make. Gaming…. remember?????