Most of all the ps4 owner out there can understand the great slow crawl you feel when downloading games or simple updates. I myself have a good but not great 25mb plan for comcast. My network test down on my ps4 shows a download speed of 21gb per second test but just like most my downloads take 10 times or more than it should as only kb’s are being downloaded when I use to check my download times. Well one day while waiting a mere 500mb download, my ps4 said it would take 45 minutes to reach so I paused it to check my network speeds. After I checked the speeds and found them still at 21gb download time I unpaused my download 1 minute later and bam, 45 minutes went to 3 minutes and it was done in less than that really. I thought it was a fluke but when I typed this up others found success in this as well. So I tested a full game and it did the same thing. So it’s not a fluke guys. As long as your download speeds aren’t bad which is the case in a lot of cases, this method should give you a boost in your download times. Hope this help those who aren’t aware of this. Makes a lot of difference.