It seems that every time some piece of good news hit for the Xbox one and Microsoft something comes out that goes against the grain. Dayz, the open world shooting zombie game for the pc has sold 3 million copies already. This means a lot of people are loving this game very early. The bads new for Xbox one is that it will not be making to their console but will be coming to the ps4. This will again add to the deficient of games they are not going to get that are great yet the ps4 versions are still on their way. Right now as it stands Halo 5 guardians isn’t being billed as the halo numbers giant the previous games were. So this leaves Quantum Break, Tomb Raider and Forza 6 as the only legit hits with hype still behind them. Fable isn’t going to be it and neither will Ori. But on ps4 sides, major hits like Eve Valkyrie, MLB , Street Fighter, Grand Turismo, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Dayz(as mentioned), No man’s sky, Deep down,  Bloodborne, Hellblade and last but not least The Order,1886! These aren’t even all of them folks. These are just the ones I can remember. These kinds of numbers will continue to push ps4 further and further ahead. This will continue to make developers look to them for their games over the Xbox one. This will also effect how far they go in balancing out graphics for third party games as well. So third party games could be one sided again this year. It’s a sad truth and all but it is one I wish was reversed. I wish it was Microsoft leading the way, I really do. Maybe not by as many as ps4 leads now but at least be in the lead and have all these great games on the way. As I have made it known multiple times I would prefer a Xbox one over the ps4 if it was not for their games. I think the Xbox one is the overall best complete “do it all” system there has ever been. But at the same time I have always known that the ps4 would be the best “gaming machine” there has ever been. I would prefer both “do it all” and best games into one system but I can’t so I picked “gaming” over “do it all”. So far, my choice has paid off and looks to continue to do so.