Among many great things xbox does come through on after falling short yet again with resolution issues with yet another AAA title Witcher 3, is discount sales. They have discounted the system and now has the cheapest new gen system on the market. They backed it with two free games. Then EA and them partner up for a EA sale that gold members get. Games like NBA live 15 can be purchased for 19 bucks while ps4 has it for $59.99. Look I know most will say xbox has to do whatever they can. But you know what? I wish ps4 was loosing with stuff like this. Maybe then they will give us more than a 10% discount on the next game I buy. I’m pretty sure buying a game that is $59.99 and drop it to $19.99 is much better than a 10% discount especially after buying a console for 50 bucks off and getting two free games on top of that. If only xbox one had the games ps4 was getting it would be a no brainer. But they aren’t getting them and those of you who are xbox one owners should enjoy all the attention you can get because once the first party titles start to hit for ps4 starting with 1886 and bloodborne it’s not going to pretty or positive for Xbox one in the U.S or anywhere else.