“Hold the press!” Wow, wow! Playstation kills off music unlimited service to partner with the biggest and best online music streaming service in the world, Spotify! This is like deja vu! I was just sitting here right before picking up my smartphone thinking how big it would be for someone to get Spotify between xbox one and ps4. Now I have to admit I thought this would be something Microsoft would get being that Spotify is green and matches xbox’s colors and all. That and the fact Microsoft has the money. But when I flipped my phone page to news the huge new report showed that the playstation with a amazing and bold move will kill off sony unlimited music for Spotify. There is no bigger move for music streaming than Spotify and for Sony to make this move over Microsoft is straight up epic. I’m still in disbelief. I can’t believe how much ps4 is killing xbox. Can’t say I wouldn’t have wanted it the other way around but hey its coming to the consoles or should I say it’s coming to ps4’s console. It’s the best place to play games and now the best place for steaming music once it hits this spring. I can’t wait! Already a member of Spotify music so this will be a seamless transition. Now some people don’t listen to music on their consoles which is why this surprised me when sony took this step before Microsoft. I thought they wanted a game focused console. Microsoft is the one console I would have paid money on betting that they would be the first to get this. This just seems like a entertainment app that had Microsoft’s name on it. But based on this I’m glad nobody took that bet. This is a strange, strange world we live in guys and it’s seems to be custom made for playstation.