“The game is amazing”

“Best graphics ever seen”

“Gameplay is even better than graphics”

Playstation is number one for a reason guys. This game will further that push. Microsoft better start coming up with answers fast. Most of all the answers better come from gaming not goggles and headsets.


Quantum break would have been a amazing counter to The Order. I feel as I have always felt about this game. For me it’s the most innovative project in gaming. A game that alters your version of a tv series director cut. Never has this been done, ever. That’s the type of game you need to combat a game like The Order if you are Microsoft. Sadly though this game isn’t yet ready. The next biggest thing Microsoft will face is Uncharted so maybe Quantum Break will be ready to face that epic game. So far it looks like Microsoft is betting on the same strategy from last year, mid season to Christmas pushes. Sony on the other hand pushes in the beginning and mids of the year more but fading out at the end. Only problem is that while both won with their strategies Sony did better with theirs. E3 should be very interesting.