As the first year of the new generation comes to a close, I have no choice but to adjust my recommendation from 2013. With Phil Spencer at the helm, the Xbox team has made a complete 180, giving gamers exactly what they want in the form of regularly scheduled updates and blockbuster games. The console is now as cheap as $350 as well, eliminating the biggest reason that the PS4 has maintained its lead.

The best home console available this holiday season is the Xbox One.”

Now BGR is just one of many who report that they feel the momentum has shifted to Microsoft , at least in America that is. I wonder what the gamers feel and when I say gamers I mean those who have both or neither yet. Personally I don’t see all that much that has changed outside from Microsoft proving that they can be successful without being #1 worldwide, which is what I have said for over a year. Ps4 success has nothing to do with Microsoft’s ability to be successful too. Microsoft hitting 10 million in less than a year outpaces their 360 numbers and that means that they could end up being more successful this generation than they were last generation with a tougher opposition. That’s incredible folks. Ps4 is killing in sales but for Microsoft to still sell 10 million plus in one year while being next to a ps4 shows amazing support and no quit attitude especially with less territories to sell in.