I was presented with this question. Which is more fun to have and play, Xbox one or ps4? Now we already know which is the most powerful and which is the most secure. But we are talking about which one do you have the most fun playing games and using? I have to look into the past and bring it to the present on all my experiences with both systems. Strangely enough the system that is the most powerful isn’t the one I have had the most fun out of. The xbox one was my system that I had the most fun out of honestly if only they had the amount of games ps4 had. Even playing the same games I felt that the controller build and function were far better and pleasing for my interactions between games than the ps4 controller. While I had more access to more games on the ps4 the ones they had sometimes didn’t live up to the hype. Case in point Driveclub is the most amazing LOOKING game on any console period. Yet it’s not really pleasing to drive and play. I have had it since it had come out but have always felt disconnected with the drive mechanics and the objective are so boring and repetitive. While each car drove different there was always this sense of floaty feelings about the cars when you drove fast that never changed no matter what car you had. But Forza 5 and Forza Horizon always felt exciting and thrilling while playing and while their graphics weren’t what driveclub’s were they were still absolutely beautiful. Also not forgetting that for a long time forza was the undisputed greatest looking driving game on the plant. So forza 6 I will be waiting on to see what they can do. Look , this is just one comparison and I’m sure others have a different opinion or the same. I’m just saying based on my memory I have had more fun with xbox one use than ps4 while I have had more access to more games on the ps4. So getting both and keeping them is the new goal. This way I have the complete package especially now that I have deep color options on xbox one too. I’m not going to lie Quantum break, Tomb Raider,  Scale bound, and Forza 6 are options I really want for the X1 with ps4’s Uncharted, Eve Valkerie, Mlb, Hellblade, and 1886. Perfect combo!