Look at the numbers guys. Do they really mean anything? If you find 50 million people that say meat is good how does this help and effect vegetarians? If you 50 million people that say meat is horrible does this make you put down your hamburger? Look the amount of people that buy xbox one vs ps4 is so overblown. As long as the ps4 or xbox one doesn’t freeze in sales like the Wii U did for months they will grow and become stronger and stronger for the market. Which means that no developer is going to abandon millions of possible buyers on average unless their exclusive studio’s. Nobody has to worry about a thing. Xbox one doesn’t have to beat ps4’s numbers to be a valuable console for game makers, especially now that have reached the all important marker of 10 million(in one year to boot) and now stand at 11 million. Ps4 doesn’t have to worry that xbox coming back to beat them because it’s very unlikely possible to do so and if it does it doesn’t subtract or take away their numbers they have gathered already which means again more possible buyers for the developers. So relax people, your system’s are safe and will continue to grow no matter how many other people buy the competitors system, you still have your group who love you(speaking about X1 and ps4 only here).