Someone should cry foul! If the latest rumors are true then both sony and Microsoft have lied to the gamers. Remember when both promised that the consoles we were investing in were future proof for 4k if needed? Well they aren’t. In fact the truth is out and Blu-ray 4k will require you to buy yet another Blu-ray player and more expensive Blu-ray disk yet again. We just got to the point where people have truly bought into Blu-ray and now you want to make things more complicated yet again. So if it takes a different player that means it’s a different drive and all drives out now aren’t compatible with 4k movies, so that means xbox one and ps4.  So basically what they are telling me is that they have lied and got us to buy hardware that never was ready or able to play 4k like they promised. So how do they solve this? According to Netflix they are going to give gamers another console to rebuy all over again so we can have what they already promised us was in the one we invested in already. So they want you to trade in your system and buy yet another “NEW” generation system guys and waste all you money you put on the perfectly working unit you have now or needless buy the same system you already have flat out, just to get 4k. I promise you if they both do this, they can have their systems if this happens. Its not right and it’s a flat out stab in the back if this happens. But hey that’s just me. You may feel like this is just in you mind, if so.. cool but I just can’t stomach being used like that from a company. The industry is flat out greedy and dirty to force people to buy another video game or Blu-ray just so we can play a higher memory disc. Its stupid. You disc storage hasn’t nothing to do with source. If I had a tape deck and I played a 60 minute tape it played, if I put in a 120 minute tape it played. Same thing with a Cd.  But now the industry wants us to believe that we truly need a different Blu-ray because the memory is larger, bullcrap!  Yeah we need it only because they made it like this not because the drive couldn’t do if they designed it to. No,  it’s about trying to capitalize on 4k greed forcing people.