Facts..Ps4 is the most dominate selling, most powerful, and easiest game console to program for. Nothing will ever change this unless Direct x12 does something never seen before. Ps4 also has the most exclusives and of different styles to boot. There is nothing that would stop me from telling millions that the ps4 is the way to go. I have both again thanks to the option of PC color transition that I never used on the xbox one. This turned the color spectrum to a level equal of that of Deep color options on the ps4. Before I used this option on the xbox one when you compared the xbox one graphics to the ps4 deep color options graphics they looked washed out. Something ps3 and the first year ps4 games suffered from vs the xbox system in the past. This ended all use for me and the xbox one as my sports games that I play the most now weren’t on par or better than the ps4 versions. This has changed now and while they are both equal in color as saturation now I have found myself playing games more now on my xbox one. But most importantly, I find myself enjoying gaming again. Months ago I found myself uninterested in videogames and felt that I could do without them. I would go days without even turning on my ps4 and when I did it was only to check updates or play streaming. Well now for some reason I find playing videogames a joy again since I have returned to playing xbox one. Why? I can’t really put my finger on it for sure. The only thing I can say is that I feel more immersed in them with the xbox one controller and then for some reason games seem more fun, achievement seem more exciting when accomplished,  and I can find and do more on it than I could with my ps4. No, this is not a cheer for you to buy a xbox one. There really is no need if you have a ps4 and enjoy it. But if you want both worlds it’s worth it. Or if you aren’t happy with ps4 I would get a xbox one in a heartbeat. But hey, this is all up to you guys. The games matter more than the console which is why I have both because I would love to try out Morpheus with Eve valkerie, Uncharted and most importantly MLB for ps4. Then turn around and get forza 6, Tomb Raider and Quantum Break for Xbox one. No fanboy wars stuff here, just explaining things to you guys.