Driveclub, a graphic masterpiece for the ps4 has a free version that has been confirmed as missing in action yet again. The unicorn was promised for fans over a year ago and is still not coming for February’s free games. Fans of ps4 are starting to get very upset at this. By the time the game comes out it will not be any use to those who get it as other games will be hitting like project cars.This sparks memories of a long list of lies from the company to their fans. On top of this the company just went through yet another breach of their network recently after the so called hack proof updates that were performed after the lizard squad attacks. As I said before I say again, Sony themselves, are the only thing that can hurt ps4 sales. Sony is in a real fight in America and Internet issues and lies will sink their ship faster here than any other place. There really isn’t a excuse for this as this gas been a problem for decades. Broke promises and network issues.