Halo 5 is going to be big to nobody’s surprise but mine I have to admit. Once the beta started I didn’t hear anybody talking about hardly. So I thought that one of the biggest games on the planet hit a blank. Boy was I wrong. Xbox one has once again shown why they aren’t going anywhere and is ready to rule America. As far as the world that’s another story as that will never happen. But most would be very shocked to know that the difference between America’s sells on Xbox one vs ps4 are really neck and neck with the ps4 only leading slightly. If Halo 5’s open world campaign mode turns out to be amazing too then I will be getting this and it will make this game one of my top choices in gaming. So now we look down the road at massive challenges. Halo 5, Quantum break, Scalebound, Tomb Raider, Forza 6, Smite, Fable Legends and possibly others are going to come out. Xbox one isn’t going anywhere and in America they just might have a chance at taken back home court. The question really lies with ps4. Can No man Sky be more than a exploring game and not be a boring repeating designed game? Can 1886 be great in gameplay and have depth enough to have a replay value or will it be like driveclub, great to look at but no substance for gameplay? Will bloodborne be more than just another blood and gore slasher? Will Morpheus be affordable and have enough software support to sustain it’s run? Finally, will Uncharted make it out this year? It has no release date announced yet still? The questions are with ps4 because they have been known for their failed release dates and push backs and I feel there will be a lot of those coming up for them. Only time will tell. I hope all games come out and compete well with their counterparts. That way we have a better chance at having a complete year of gaming and great competition. This is all I want!