Ok this is a my set up. Xbox one and ps4 both on deck. At this time I just finished a Shadow of Mordor mission and wanted to see Elite dangerous on pc. So what do I do since twitch sucks for ps4? Continue on to my menu on my xbox one without loosing a spot in my game and open up twitch and watch. Now take a look here, I have a lot more ps4 physical games because I will never trust them digitally ever again. My xbox, on the other hand has all digital games except for sunset overdrive. Can’t tell you how much easier it is to go through games on the fly especially when I can have them stop in the background and do other things on the console or even turning it off and resuming it where I left off. Another strange thing is that games that are third party have different play on the xbox one for some reason. Example: When I play ps4 NHL 15 game, the opening commentary for each game is the exact same every single time I play a game for a team. Dallas has the same opening statements, Washington caps have their own opening, etc, and it never changes no matter how many games I play in the same city. However on xbox one NHL 15 changes up their opening commentary in the beginning of the game on for any team. So I can play in dallas twice and the opening commentary is different. This might not be a big thing to most but you get tired of hearing the same things over and over every time you start a game. Then while you play the game the xbox one version has different cut screens and pop ups on plays that the ps4 never displays. All and all the gameplay feel more realistic. This is just one example as they are others. Lastly the feel of the controller is well and above better on the xbox one. It’s motors truly feel unique while playing games especially driving and shooters. Ps4 on the other hand for some reason doesn’t even have games that use the speaker on the controller anymore. That feature I felt was very exciting and different but I haven’t had any other game use this option since Infamous to my memory. So I await 1886, the order and hope that ps4 has more than pretty graphics. For Xbox one, I knew these advantages existed before I let it go before. My issues where sport titles that all of sudden were worse looking on xbox one than on ps4. This use to be the opposite for years even on the first year of the current consoles. Well now that I know how to use the PC option for the display color option in the setting menu that gave me all my joy back.