This is a game for a acquired taste in all things blood, demons and Gothic. Those of us that have limits on those types of things be warned. I’m sure it will excite people to play this game if they don’t mind these things but for me I pass. Bloodborne really never interested me from the first time I saw it and heard those annoying footsteps all throughout the video. Then when I saw the creatures and see how it surrounds blood and  demon spirits I can’t help but be more convinced that this is definitely not for me. This isn’t the only game like this though. There seems to be a plethora of games who’s focus is on horror and demons on all platforms. So before you go and assume this is about ps4 it’s not. As I have said before, games are the most important factor not the machine. I not saying you are a bad person for playing these games either. What I am saying is that this game doesn’t interest me with its subject matter, that’s it. Have fun playing it for those who do like this kind of stuff. For me and my house, scratch one off my ps4 list!