In no particular order I have a list of greet games that could end up being a failed hyped experiment.

1. No man Sky: This game is the most talked about and hyped up game yet not much is known. Not one real fight has been seen in real time much less no explanation of what is the point.

2. Bloodborne: Now I know gameplay has been seen on this game but I question the market for it. It’s dark and brutal it may be a bit much for normal people.  And it looks like it’s not going to have much replay value.

3. Quantum break: gameplay amazing, stellar graphics. But can you pull off the tv series or not. Nothing has been said even at the last showing of the game. It was promised that it was going to be tied into a tv show with directors cut being changed for players based on their choices in the game. I can see this being extremely delayed but I could be wrong.

4.The order 1886: Another great graphic masterpiece. However what about gameplay replay ability? Is the gaming going to be the to controlled that player become less happy with the linear direction it tales them. Will tus effect the purchases and rating?

5.SMITE: The surprise killer game microsoft landed is a boom for pc and people was flat out in love. Will it result in the same craze for console owners?

6.Scalebound: Up next the dragon rider  surprise game by Microsoft. Nothing and I mean nothing has been released to us to let us know what the game is going to look like nor what’s it purpose in game.

7.Hellblade: This goes into the same bucket as scalebound and they look to take on each other possibly. It has no gameplay shown yet on this. We don’t know how it’s going to truly look and or play yet again.