I’m not going to lie, Eve valkerie with Morpheus was a big reason why I returned to the ps4 after they took my money and didn’t return it. I vowed not to use digital games again with ps4 and move forward. Eve Valkerie with Morpheus is a dream come true for me. Microsoft doesn’t really have anything in place to take on this game and so I knew I needed to have a ps4 for this very reason. So if you want to really break this down for me; if not for MLB franchise and Valkerie with Morpheus advantages for the ps4 I wouldn’t have one. Yes I’m still excited for The Order and hopefull for No man sky, but they won’t have great replay value for me.   What worries me is that there are no talks about Eve Valkerie anymore for the ps4. To my knowledge nothing has changed and it’s still suppose to come out but I’m loosing hope for it getting here this year after ps4 released their list of games for 2015 where Valkerie was nowhere to be found. I’m hoping that they are just holding back until they get confirmation on shipping time of Morpheus. Sony promised to have games for the Morpheus upon release so this is what I expect. Project cars already states they’re in so that at least two if Eve Valkerie comes out like promised. Here’s hoping for all to come to pass as promised! If not, “frag em”:)