Now before anger starts. This isn’t a ps4 bash. Ps4 is the number one selling console in the world. And while I’m not tied into the world’s number as much as I am America’s numbers they count. Well if ps4 has a 20 million or so fanboy installs of their hardware out there I expect more people to buy more games on the ps4. It’s just math, it’s not a miracle or something that is just a “result of” type of thing. If you have more people available to buy games you should sale more games. However what I am impressed with is that while ps4 leads everywhere xbox one keeps growing and even beating ps4 in software sales in the US and other territories at times. This is more impressive in my logic base of mind. If I have less consoles than you why on earth would a console who fanboys claim isn’t about games outsell the “gaming machine”, ps4? Doesn’t make sense unless the xbox one is just as much as a gaming machine as the ps4 and some cases better. Just food for thought, guys. Xbox one outsold ps4 last month in software sales with half the units on the market as the ps4; that’s impressive!!!