If you are like me then you have gotten use to all the new gen games play time hitting around 12 more hours of play. Even expansion packs last around 5 hours in some cases. But 5-8 hours to beat a game that is a flagship game title for ps4’s second year just doesn’t cut it for me. With games like Witcher 3 hitting high double digits for its run time and others to follow it’s no surprise why. 5-8 hours to totally beat the games are stats I saw on last gen beginning stages. Last of us, god of war and others lasted much longer. They say that basically there is roughly 3 hours cg cut scenes but yet ps4 fanboy screamed bloody murder at xbox one owners for Ryse which had far less. So far all I hear right now the more information is confirmed is people trying to justify or look over the weakness in the amount of gameplay hours. I think this has a lot to do with it being a ps4 game. I think it should be judged equally with other games. If you count for this on others games you should do the same for this title. It shouldn’t matter which console it’s for. I think the game’s concept is amazing and truth be told I kinda knew this game wasn’t going to be epically long I just didn’t expect it to be this low. I thought 12 hours or more would be it’s point. If it hit 15 hours or more it would be epic for this type of game. But hey, maybe by some strange faint all these reports are wrong and we will get a longer game than this, I just won’t hold my breath for it. With topped out time being 8 hours at the most I am hoping for one truly amazing game during that time. Maybe it will make up for its shortness. But again I think replaying stats on this game will be low. Expect to see a lot of used copies on the shelves in the first week of its release.