Dear Microsoft:

Months ago I did something really stupid because of lack of knowledge. I got rid of the one console( your console)that has had my back from day one. Who never lied to me, stole my money or threaten me(like sony has done to me). I did this stupid thing not because you let me down but because I was informed and shown that the ps4 had updated their color profile software and now produced better blacks and colors over the Xbox one. They did this with the help of the Deep color option in the software. Something I didn’t have access to when I had both consoles. What I didn’t know was that you too had this option inside the menu as pc color layout. Because I didn’t know this all my heavily loved and played sport titles and third party titles looked better on the ps4 with their option on and me not knowing about your color bump options, off. This made me feel like I had no point in keeping your system and of course the absent of a real baseball game left me very empty so I let your console go. As the months went by I played game after game for the the ps4 but found with every day, week, and month I felt I was very slowly loosing my excitement over games. I couldn’t put my finger on it. Maybe it was the controller ,the interface, the way the games played online, or a million different other things. Same third party games just didn’t have the same movement and feel while playing them as they once did. I thought it was just me finally growing out of love with games but it wasn’t. So when I was informed about the color options on the xbox one I returned to see for myself. Bam! All the pop and richness returned and with that came my digital content waiting on me that just sync’d up by itself without me having to redownload the save file once I redownloaded the game. All the speed and fluidity of frame rates and amazing lighting and colors hit, coming back together like a lost best friend. Two months later I love playing videogames again. I can honestly say I haven’t played my ps4 since. I was waiting on The Order 1886 but after watching it on twitch I’m just not willing to lay down the money for that short of a game. That’s a shame too because I was hoping that this game was going to give me something to do on the ps4. But it looks like I have to wait for No man sky, MLB 15, Uncharted and Eve Valkerie(if it ever comes out) for that to happen. Problem is these games aren’t due for a while and some might not make it this year at all. No worries I have your system and games that have made me into the gamer I use to be and I am very grateful for that. Your system just fits me, it truly does. I’ll keep both consoles as I believe a true gamer has both anyway but I’m not going to make that mistake again. If any console deserves my respect and following it’s yours, so I’m sorry for leaving, it won’t happen again. “Gamer restored and fueled by Microsoft’s Xbox one”…Thanks guys!!