My God lives in heaven, and Hell found with this product. I know it’s suppose to be some great piece of hardware and all but it sucks. I can’t tell you how great it was to take this thing back to the store. I have never had a more horrible time with a product. First off the flopping of windows tile to the standard version is just the stupidest thing I have seen. Going back and forth was a pain in my butt. Half the time it would go back to the window tile look even though I didn’t want for it to be there. Then after about 25 minutes of exploring the unit I had popups all over the place because apparently I got maleware viruses out of nowhere. So I had to get a program loaded to handle that. That of course cost money. Then once that was done I looked for a way to bring my book I was writing over to the unit but found out that I needed to buy yet more programs, microsoft  office which wanted over $100 just to rent the program for one year!! OVER $100 to rent a program for one year, are you freaking kidding me. So basically when all is done you are going to spend an extra $300 at minimum after you purchase the unit and the $150 keyboard that you truly need. I say that because as a tablet this thing is just flat out ridiculously big and sloppy. It gets way to hot and makes fan noise like a xbox 360 because of the fan inside it. I have never had a tablet blow air I’m sorry. No matter what you do you can’t hold this thing safely and or use it without putting it down on something like a table or your lap. Lastly the pen, the thing has not one battery but 3 that you will need to first find when its time to replace it as the main battery uses a AAAA battery, not a AA, or even a AAA battery. No, a AAAA battery. I didn’t even know such a battery even existed. The other two batteries are flat batteries. Maybe people that draw will find this pen and unit something they love but me I found it very big, sloppy, and deceptive. They present you a item that is suppose to kill off the need for a laptop and tablet but all it is a gateway for viruses ,money sucking apps, and a painfully flawed system that is anything but simple and effective. I am ashamed to say that personally I rate this product the lowest scored device I have ever reviewed at 2.8 stars out of 5. Sorry microsoft I have to side with android and apple fanboys on this. The surface isn’t what it claims to be and isn’t the replacement of a laptop and tablet.