This should finally put a end to all the debates. But we know that most people still won’t let it go. If you still debate this you are just a idiot. Not an opinion but a idiot. The last test proved without question that people see what they want to see and believe what they want to believe regardless of the evidence. All persons involved saw different graphics under the controlled set up that had the same console playing on it but because they wanted to believe there was a difference when their wasn’t, they came up with differences. And yet others confused the pc highly superior graphics to xbox one’s. Bottom line, just play games guys. For me it’s been the controller, for others it could be something different. But all and all the ps4 is truly a statically superior machine but this doesn’t automatically make the games truly better on it. This comes down to programing knowledge; always has, and that is the only true fact that exist…period! This is why on a so call inferior system like the xbox one  games like forza, Ryse, and others have looked so superior.  Games make the console not the other way around.