Xbox one graphics have been some of my favorite. From the very start with Forza and Ryse and later to come Quantum break. Their graphics have a hallmark contrast and depth to them unlike anything else on the market. Ps4 graphics look amazing as well as this isn’t about putting ps4 graphics down because we have all seen driveclub and 1886. For me though microsoft adds better gameplay along with their graphics and innovation. If you feel different I won’t say you are wrong, I am only telling you what I feel. Personally I can’t wait to see what tomb raider, Scalebound, Ori,  the new Forza , Halo 5, and others will look like. Apparently Microsoft is telling fans to hold on to our seats because they aren’t done yet and graphics will be increasing even more down the line as well as it should. This is the mark of great development both hardware and software. I have no doubt that both the ps4 and xbox one will both get better as they go along but I’m a little more excited about Microsoft’s word a little more because this comes with good gameplay on top of graphics most of the time. With playstation, all their advantages seem to end up unused like game share , hacked liked their servers, or wasted graphics with good gameplay like 1886 and Driveclub. Playstation needs to make sure games are as fun as they are beautiful. When this happens then I think we will see some magic. It’s not like they don’t have the abilities. So I’m sure they are going to have some amazing things down the line and I will be ready to play them too.