Get this in your head now, neither the xbox one nor ps4 have reached a limits. I’m tired of everyone claiming to have finally reached the full potentials of consoles or having used close to all its power ability as if to say that what they are showing you is the best you will ever see. It’s really no such thing. The hardware will never change so therefore the only variable is the software. I can write a program with a man taking off his hat, use sloppy techniques and uncompressed algorithms over and over again using all memory and cpu power, loop it over and over without storing the loop until all able resources are gone. I then can make the claim that all the ps4 and xbox one can do is show a man taking off his hat as I have reached the limits and potential of the hardware because I’m ignorant about how to use the available resources better than I did. This doesn’t mean I have truly tapped the systems limits of potential. The very first year of the ps4 release developers claims they were using almost all the resources on games like infamous and or assassin’s creed black flag . Yet generation two we get better graphics yet again for people like Ubisoft on Assassin’s Creed unity and they claim yet again that they have tapped all the resource limits the consoles can handle. Next year they exceed themselves again and other will exceed them. Why? Because it’s not about hardware limits, if there is such a thing. It’s about you knowledge as a developers and engine you use to bring that vision along. There will never be a true limit on the potential of neither consoles xbox one or ps4. If you know how to develop you can create life on these consoles. So let’s stop with all the nonsense, please. The only limits you have reached is the limits of your knowledge of programing and there is always someone else out there that can do better than you, so quit blaming hardware for your lack of knowledge developers and maybe we can stop ignorant quotes from being wrote about from the media about the consoles weakness. Look at the xbox 360 and ps3, they both surpassed development limits for years because of great programing knowledge. The same thing will be done this generation.