Well earphones are back on the menu and I’m happy I tell you. It seems that all my bad reactions to them have gone away and I’m cured 😆. I have my old Westone’s still but the right earphone is busted I think. They play perfect under low volume but medium to high I start to hear rattling in the right side. So I knew it was time to get more. Maybe I can’t wear them all the time but I could use them here and there when I’m not feeling bad. So enter the Sony xba-h1.  I saw them at best buy and they were at a ok price. I have been out of the earphone game for a while but I knew I wanted dual drivers because of my experience with my Westones and Ultimate Ears. Now I knew that the Sony earphones really weren’t going to live up to them but they looked very impressive because they were dual, both balance armature and boost for bass. The bass promised to be tight and powerful with good mids and crisp highs. So I thought why not? So when I got it home I have to admit the most important thing is the right fit. The default ones just didn’t do it for me. They just didn’t stay put in my ears so I tried a smaller one. They did fit better but still wouldn’t stay comfortable and felt they went too deep and the wide spot on the earphones felt like they stretched my ear holes and hurt my ears after while. So looked inside the box hoping to find more fit tips because if not they were headed back. Then I found them, the foam medium ones…. perfect and it stayed. They fit so well that they don’t feel like they are in my ears and yet have amazing seal. The most shocking is the clarity of the highs and mids with most likely the most powerful bass since my ultimate ears earphones. Song after song just showed out in quality and very tight bass response when needed. Areas that weren’t suppose to have bass didn’t in songs and vocals had very good defined sparkles to them. The only thing I could find wrong or should I say not as good as my Westones was the sound stage. While these had a nice stage they didn’t stand a chance against my Westones sound stage. If these had the same sound stage there would be no doubt in my mind to give these a perfect score and heads over the Westones I have. But they don’t so they still get a amazing 8.5 out of 10. They would have gotten a 9 if they had a volume and skip control on the line. Still, well done Sony!

Updated review :
I spent the day these and I’m telling you they got better every other hour as they burn in. The sound stage grew people. I’m telling you the crispy highs and that powerful bass is so well balanced with a wider sound stage. I’m impressed so much that these get 9 out of 10 now. I basically should given more time in burn in before I gave the review of these earphones. In all fairness by the time the burn in is done I could be giving this unit a perfect 10. They are my favorite earphone and or headphone period at this point. Sony does make yet a more defined version of the same headset xba h3’s.

I’m not sure I’m ready to be blowed away anymore than I am already. These things could make me go into shock if they are truly that much better with 3 way drivers and a 3-40,000 frequency response. The xba h1 “only” (I say that with a smile) has 2 way drivers with a 5-25,000 frequency responds. These stats take out most high end head phones and earphones. But the h3’s would seem to be better on paper but I think I going to stop here for a while with these.