That’s fright folks I said delayed. Sony has once again manage to twist things to hide their truth. Every site reporting this is acting like this is a release date with no prior delays. Am I the only one that remembers sony telling us that Morpheus was do sometime this year?  In fact the president said last year that Morpheus was 80% done and would be coming soon. How does 80% done equal 2016???Even games like Eve Valkerie which is due this year and project cars claim to have been made with tech for this Morpheus. What good is it to have these games now if the hardware isn’t coming at all this year? I’m not going to lie this is a huge blow for me personally because Morpheus and Eve valkerie was one of the most exciting things for me about my ps4. So  The Order 1886 is a let down, Bloodborne is flat out not my cup of tee, Morpheus isn’t coming nor Eve Valkerie this year, and No Man’s Sky has no release date and possibly could be a big disappointment. Things are really fallen apart for my hopes about the ps4 exclusive. I hope Uncharted makes it the way things are going..