Playstation was asked to reconfirmed the promise they made to millions about the free driveclub plus version at GDC today. To some people’s surprise, not mine, ps4 now refused to confirm the promise they already made, as if this somehow make their lie disappear. Now all of sudden ps4 isn’t sure the final verdict on if they are ever going to do this after a year worth of lies saying it was coming. I have said this before but people continue to ignore me when I say it. So I will try again. Playststion lies more than any console company in history has. Over and over again we as gamer allow them to just threat us any kinda way and allow them to get by with it as we forget all other transgressions as new ones come up. We act like we aren’t willing to accept that this is not new nor will ever change about this company. They lie to our faces over and over again. No matter how many times we honor them with our support and loyalty. When will we learn?