The end result, though, was that publishers just ignored it; there weren’t enough people with one controller to justify development costs, but exclusively appealing to those with two illuminating sticks was suicide.
                                   Playstation access.

Now I have both systems but I have not held back punches or praise for either. Playstation unfortunately has more negatives about their action and direction so instead of me saying this I have the quote from playstation access a huge supporter of all things playstation. This is their quote when talking about the biggest mistake sony has made with Project Morpheus. It’s not the hardware as far as the headset. The headset deserves praise especially with the new changes. The problem comes from Sony choice to integrate it Morpheus with the long lost light sticks for interaction. This along with the need for the no longer used playstation eye seems to be a last minute effort to get money back from the investment gone wrong with its interactive division experiment. It didn’t work then and it won’t work now. All sony is doing is attaching a weight to hard to burden on a hardware that deserves to be free of these limits. And just like last gen if Microsoft Hololens works and is tied into Kinect you won’t need light balls to interact and this will make it far superior as kinect 1 was over ps3 eye camera and kinect 2 was over ps4 camera. What will happen is people will stop trying to “charge this and that”, “connect this” , “pull out that”, “calibrate this”. People just want to “pick up the controller press and button and it goes”(remember that promise Sony?).

You see people, I don’t forget. I remember the direction they promised just like some others. If you remember this video you know exactly what I’m saying. “THE PROMISE OF PLAYSTATION” means absolutely nothing to them (we also still don’t have resume features)and as gamers we allow them to continue to lie to our faces. No they aren’t making things simpler they’re making things much harder and more frustrating with all this stuff we have to do just to use the Morpheus. This will result in a lack of support from the gamers and developers. VR failed before and I believe it will fail again. Now Hololens isn’t VR so it might change everything but we will have to wait and see on that too. But only crazy people do the same thing expecting different results. To my knowledge most gamers have proven that they just want to sit down pick up their controller and play. Adding a headset ONLY wouldn’t be all that bad if it weren’t for all the other stuff you have to have, charge and sync for Morpheus to work. Because of these things I believe now that it will not be successful. Yes I will still get it for Eve Valkerie alone(I still have my camera and light sticks) but for most gamers it’s just not that appealing to have to add all these things with it.