OMG!!!! ELITE DANGEROUS is coming to Xbox One!!!!!!!!! Not next year or maybe or sometime in future in 2016. No people, Phil Spencer lands Elite Dangerous and makes my dreams comes true this summer! I can’t tell you how amazing this news is for me. The Xbox one a by far for me irreplaceable now.  Smite, Tomb raider, Halo 5, Quantum break, Forza 6, and now Elite Dangerous!!! Wow!!!! 😂 Phil Spencer is the man and you better know that there is no substitute for his vision and direction he is taking microsoft in. I know now more than ever there is no other console on the planet that would rather have if I had to have one. While ps4 may lead in total numbers xbox one killing them in content and stability. They aren’t loosing games and hardware month after month they are adding things that are coming out this year. They aren’t releasing AAA over hyped games. Their games are better and better with each release. They have apps that work for all not just a handful of people like HBO Go(like I reported on my previous article). I mean they are making sure that we have all they can give us and aren’t backing down for any reason. Xbox one has The Best , I will repeat , The Best line up of games of 2015, once again. Two years in a row they have delivered on games much better than the ps4’s lineup. They really deserve a lot of credit guys. Uncharted and Bloodborne just aren’t enough to battle this group especially with the failure of The Order 1886 and delays of Eve Valkyrie and Morpheus added to their deficiencies.