President of Sony says playstation is attacked everyday and they do the best daily. I guess I’m being a little hard on them but frankly I don’t believe gamers really care why. We pay for a online service from a company that has a history of failing to protect itself. That’s the bottom line and people are growing tired of it. They frankly don’t want to hear excuses when they pay you to secure online activities. Telling us how hard it is doesn’t make things better because it’s still your responsibility to take care of that service regardless. I’m not saying they should be bulletproof but they should be better at protecting itself with as may failures and complaints over a decade of time. By now we should see growth and stability and we don’t. They have the same kinds of failures and time down almost every year. Telling us how hard your job isn’t what needs to be said because it doesn’t change the result nor does it give you a pass on why you fail us even though we pay for the service because you aren’t the first ones attacked daily and won’t be the last.