Here we go again folks. More talk about resolution has hit. This time its Battlefield hardline. I’m not shocked though. Media can’t write about anything but controversy and they need this to spark it . As you recall test proved that people see what they want to see or see what they are told to see but yet here we go again. It is said that ps4 will not make 1080p nor will xbox one. Ps4 will come in at 900p while Xbox one is coming in at 720p. Personally I’m not getting the game so I frankly don’t care. But if I was getting it I would probably get it for the xbox one anyway. Why? Better shooting feel with the controller feedback and better online stability. The resolution seems to be the exact same as it was with the first battlefield 4 and while it looked amazing on both consoles; for some reason hardline just doesn’t do it for me. Even if I look at the game being played on the ps4 or pc I still walk away feeling bored as it feels generic. Only difference is that one team says” policy” and another says “criminals” instead of team red or blue. So resolution debates can go into the garbage can frankly. Those who have both systems though I would suggest the ps4. My suggestion for others and myself are two different things. I always tell other to buy the ps4 if I feel they are more about resolution and hype. If they don’t care about those things and focus on gameplay and content, I tell them the xbox one is the way to go. So take that for whatever it’s worth.