Playstation opens up with their tv series Powers today. I watched the first episode, and while not CW, I think so far the show is interesting at the least. I like how things are going so far and have no real problem with anything. Well maybe a little; I do think the main character could have been played by a better fit person. If you look at the original character he is more buff. This guy doesn’t really match the look. But hey I’m not going to complain about him too much. The graphics are very well done and doesn’t have a many cheese ball moments as I feared. Overall I’m happy with it so far. There are more episodes available and I will be watching them later throughout the week. I will be giving my final thoughts on it later. The only thing I am worried about is that if somehow I do like the seasons that knowing playstation fans support or lack there of and Sony budget they won’t renew it and I will be left liking a series that ends up tossed. But we will have to wait and see.