“The Sony representative told me that they are only permitted to refund up to $150”

Well today Sony has been caught again hurting those that support them. The lack of proper security steps has cost some unlucky person $600 of false charges. Sony response to this is that they will give them store credit for $150 but the rest they have to eat!! I promise I don’t get this company. It’s their fault for goodness sake and yet they can’t even properly give you the crap money they offered you unless you tie it back to their pocket. Its like you paying someone to give you your own money back to yourself. Its stupid. All transactions that are not lawful on the site should be taken care of by the site owner especially based on Cyber hacks to their site. Sony security should be in place to avoid such a theft but isn’t and yet we pay them for their online network access for plus. I personally will be removing my card info today just to be safe even though I never buy from them anymore online. When they took my money and lied about given it back I reported this but I thought it must have be isolated and fixed. But, looks like Sony is still the same dirt bag company it was when they robbed me before. Maybe I shouldn’t have ever returned back to them, period.