I’m not excited about the ps4 immediate future for gaming, especially for the year 2015. Ps4 exclusive games are really bare and I fear it may only grow. I don’t see No Man Sky making it this year. I could be wrong though. Based on what they claim about the game it will either be rushed and end up a total failure or be delayed til 2016 and still might fail. It didn’t make listed dated games for ps4 yet and still is only hoped for even today. We still haven’t seen real gameplay only clips of recorded actions.  We don’t even have a clear understanding about the true objectives or enemies in the game. I’m telling you there is just something that doesn’t feel right. I know it’s a famous game to ps4 fan hopefuls but I’m just being honest it feels like this game is a little hard to believe and even harder to get a true understanding about the replay value as it seems to be a repetitive exploration game more than a action or adventure game. And again, I’m hoping it’s not but what sounds good in conversation doesn’t always end up being good in application. “Procedural generated universe”..this is the key word that everybody brings up. But what does it mean on screen and how can it truly give a compelling purpose or stand out among the ps4 owners. I just can’t shake the fact that I feel like I might just be going to planet after planet watching animals and plants grow. Go to the next planet and do the same thing again. Go to the next and do the same thing and maybe one night shot down a space fighter. Then go to the next and watch animals and plants yet again. This will get old fast. Again I hope I’m wrong but without proper gameplay shown on something more than bright colored plants and animals I fear for this game and it’s release date.