Playstation fanboys and reporter want so bad to cover their eyes and pretend all is fine when Sony lies to them or misleads them. Ign themselves claim they aren’t disappointed that Uncharted isn’t coming out like Sony said it would this year. That’s a flat out lie and they know it. Uncharted looked amazing and the gameplay looked amazing. Don’t sit here and tell me that when you see this and you are told it’s coming this year that being pushed back to next year doesn’t disappoint you. I mean, come on IGN fanboys liars! Stop, just stop! You can’t even be honest about something so simple. Then they back it up by saying that even when Sony said it was coming out and they showed the gameplay footage that this proved to them that Sony wasn’t telling the truth then. Well if that was the case then, you are admitting that you knew Sony was lying and if so why would you not call them out on the lie back then. You didn’t. You hyped up the game and said it was coming out 2015 like Sony said it was. And I’m sorry but showing a 10 minute or more gameplay example doesn’t tell me that the game isn’t coming out this year. If that was the case the you can be grarantee’d that “No man sky” will never see the light this year, maybe more, because we have yet to see a gameplay video of consistent play(only pieced together clips). So you need to go ahead and start letting everyone know that Sony lied again and their fans will miss out on yet another title this year. Oh and make sure you add all the other titles that haven’t shown a gameplay video over 10 minutes as well. No, IGN is the one lying trying to help Sony save face. They thought the game was headed out just like most everybody else. So to set there and claim this isn’t disappointing, it’s a slap in the face of all the people that visit the site because of your obvious lies. They compound the lie with more claiming that they are happy because pushing it back means they will not release a bad game or incomplete game…Quick hint…Driveclub looked great and was delayed and yet when it was release it still wasn’t ready even after those delays. So delaying games doesn’t grarantee greatness of that game. But it is a quick way of looses fans.