Xbox one and Microsoft are said to have landed the most missed  franchise in the mordern day sporting world , 2k football(Joe Montana football). This is a big win for Microsoft and add to top it off its coming this year just like all the other big name exclusives are like Smite and Elite dangerous. They join the microsoft /pc game revolution that seems to be gaining great steam. This is a game changer folks. You better start to pay attention to this. Microsoft is doubling up their game releases for pc and xbox one together. As being reported the programing is as simple as a click of a button for developers to put both formats on the same development code. This is only the beggining and while ps4 looses more and more titles releases for 2015, Microsoft is slowing  becoming the most important gaming platform on the planet with its pc/xbox one role under Windows platform.  A revolution could be starting folks. I am so happy I have a xbox one!