I can tell you guys that I have tried them all. Nothing beats these. When I say nothing I mean nothing, absolutely nothing. I tried all versions of beats , skull candy, klipsch, bose, sony, technica , and v moda’s. I’ve had in ear monitors like shure,  sony, dual drivers, klipsch dual drivers,  westone dual driver, and ultimate ears. The all have their strengths and weaknesses as far as comfort and sound. I haven’t found any weakness with sound or comfort with the beats studio’s. Only negative is having to charge them. The feel that you get with these, the perfect all day wear I feel even with glasses, the bass, and amazing mids and crisp highs and most of all the sound stage. I haven’t had one headphone give me a better sound stage with the perfect tight bass and highs and yet feel great to wear anywhere. I mean nothing gets check marks for all of these. Either one will have highs with little bass, other hurt after a small time, in ear headphones pull a suction that creates headaches but yet has too strong of a bass with little mids or they won’t stay in my ear period. I mean none of the tested earphone beat the Studio’s. Don’t get me wrong I really liked the Sony xba h1’s, but they still had the flaw of not felling very sturdy in my ear and on the go they were a nightmare with all the cord noise. This mixed with the suction and head pressure that come with in ear sets and you have a very good set but not ideal for me(although I still stand by my score on the sound). I also missed phone controls and play controls for music. This was a big thing too for me. No matter how much I liked the other stuff this was a missing feature that I really needed. This flaw surprisingly was found in other headphones I reviewed too. I was blowed away with as many headphones and ear sets that didn’t have these controls needed at this time and age of mobile music.  The Beats Studio’s has it all for me. The controls , the comfort, the bass, the mids ,the highs , and the all important perfect sound stage. So this ends my headphone search and try outs. This will most likely be my last and only headphone and review of them for a while guys unless my beats studios get broken. Who am I kidding? I would still buy another pair of Beats studio’s. I personally have no reason to try any more headsets. I have thoroughly tried multiple units multiple times , burn in’s , and even different ear pads. The results stay the same. The BEATS Studio’s have it all !!!