Quantum Break

Tomb raider

Gears of War

Elite dangerous


Halo 5

Fable legends

2k football

Forza 6

These are not all of them but are my top listers for gaming on xbox one. It’s flat out amazing! I can hardly wait on these babies. It blows me away to think of all these exclusives on one format coming this year including all the third party games coming as well. I mean I don’t have time enough to play all these games I’m afraid but I really want to. The only game I can see that might be pushed to the side is fable legends. Once Witcher 3, The division, and Batman are added on top of Project cars and all my sport games I think I would be probably about to loose my mind with gaming delight to add more open world games. It’s truly no better place right now to play games than the xbox one for 2015. Even if you are a fanboy of ps4 you have to admit that these are some great exclusives and game lineups coming for Xbox one for 2015. If you can’t admit that then you aren’t being honest with yourself. Honestly if No man Sky doesn’t hit either for ps4 this year(like I have predicted ) I have to admit I have no purpose for the ps4 console after mlb the show 15 launches. And that’s scary to think that one and 1\2 years later the most powerful console in the world might not be played by me after I’m done with baseball for the rest of 2015.