Ps4 does it again. It announces yet two more ps3 games to help take the places of all the ps4 exclusives games that were suppose to come this year. Instead of them putting their man power where it needs to be they are throwing old food and used clothes in the homes of games and asking them to pay for it yet again. Gravity rush and Yakuza are coming to the ps4. Wow! Can’t wait to play all the games I probably could have rented on the ps4 streaming or played on a old last gen ps3. If I wanted this I wouldn’t have brought a ps4. have given you all they have thus far with 20+million units sold worldwide equating to over 8 billion dollars back to you. So the best thing you can come up with is to put the same old games we paid for before back into the market to be paid for again? Do you really believe this is just? Why am I asking? Of course they think it’s just because they are choosing to do it. But then again we are the same crowd that thought somehow that QT events for Ryse were unacceptable but yet when 10 times as many or more are placed on the ps4 game 1886 all of sudden it’s OK .