A certain article hit up today explaining the uncertain future of xbox one. The article expressed the uncertainty of the direction of Microsoft. Well I’m here to say that based on history the contrary should be said. Whenever a game company has the financial support and revenue Microsoft has and it combines it with a great leader with great vision this normally comes out to mean success. Then when you add on the fact that xbox one has become the best place for the best games yet again this year, with a very clear and dominate game lineup you really turn on the heat. Finally, the ability to give free games and the best cost for the console price puts the final icing on the cake.  Microsoft is and will be more successful with xbox one than it was with the 360. This is the goal unlike the popular belief it’s about Sony. The goal of both companies is to make profit and be more successful than they were with last gen. This is why both will be successful without having to beat the other.