Being a dual console owner I have to take time to express enjoyment of both. Lately ps4 has lost incredible steam despite the hardware creation. So this is where we start, the hardware and design. Let’s face it, the hardware was a dream. It is still more powerful than anything on the market for graphics. Anyone debating this just doesn’t like the system. Now the power it supplies doesn’t equate to better games( based on either lack of knowledge or developers scaling power down) all the time and that’s where some of that doubt sinks in. But it still remains my favorite thing about the console. Next up is the games like MLB the Show, gorgeous, beautiful and the only real baseball game on the new consoles. I love baseball and I love that ps4 has such a title. My next title of love has to be Infamous second son. Absolutely stunning in graphics, motion captions, story plot and design. It remains in my top 5 graphics in games period. Next up is probably the most famous indie game of all time, Resugun. This game was so addictive and challenging. This is the first low budget game that I believe truly outshine 70% if not more of the AAA ranked games that opening year. Last game that needs to be mention is Driveclub. Its the only game I have ever seen with updates pushed out to complete the game. These updates to date have totally made this hard to control boring racer that looked good into the Best looking graphics found on consoles with just enough adjustments that it made even the controls better, making it one of the best driving games period now. Even though Sony took deserving heat for such a pathetic release nightmaire they deserve credit for not giving up. Next up is features. I love the play share concept if it weren’t for developers blocking it. This idea and concept could have changed everything for gaming if developers didn’t block it so much. But this is mentioned because playstation deserve credit for it because they can’t control the third party developers. Next feature I loved, that is being hampered down and not used as much as it should, is the speaker on the controller. I love having that sound come from the controller. It should be in more games but isn’t. This again is a great thing put into the system by Sony and they deserve credit. Next up is the music set up. I love having the ability to play my own music “in the background ” unlike the xbox one which required a split screen to do so sacrificing you full screen gameplay. And now that they have signed Spodify of all people, they really seal the deal on that music features. So with all these kudos why am I not talking more about the ps4 over xbox one? Simple put, games. Sony went from having the best looking third person shooter 1886 to one of the worse games made 1886. They went from having the first true space fighter game Eve Valkerie with VR Morpheus for 2015 to sometime in 2016. Went from having exclusive rights at one time to tomb raider to not having it at all. They then showed off one of the most shockingly graphical games being played live , Uncharted and delayed it to 2016. Lastly they announced arguably the best fighter game in history exclusive to them, Street Fighter for 2015 only to once again delay it to 2016. All these games hurt the momentum for me and gaming on ps4 for a while. I’m still getting my baseball but I fear this is all I can look forward to this year that is truly a exclusive great.